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Reclaim your confidence

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Hi, my name is Athena and I'm a clinical RTT Hypnotherapist and coach dedicated to creating life-upgrading transformation, one client at a time. From the work I've done with my clients, I know that deep, lasting transformation is possible and achievable within 1-3 months.

Using a highly effective combination of mindset coaching and RTT Hypnotherapy we are able to get to the root cause of your issues, allowing you to see where they came from and then truly release them at the subconscious (root) level - the control centre for our beliefs and thoughts.

Bid farewell to confusion, fears, addictions, sabotage, triggers, anxiety and trauma so that you can take charge and create the life that your heart desires!

Free your mind at the subconscious level to get peace of mind & freedom

Are you ready to live the empowered life you've been dreaming of?
Welcome to ESTATE OF BEING: A journey of self discovery, mind mastery & transformation. Where you get to uncover the incredible potential within you so that you can find freedom and reach your goals.

Why try hypnotherapy?

A research paper by Alfred A. Barrios Ph.D. titled "Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (1970)" found the following recovery rates:
- 93% recovery rate after an average of 6 Hypnotherapy sessions.
- 38% success after an average of 600 psychoanalysis sessions. 
- 72% success after 22 sessions of behaviour therapy.

RTT Hypnotherapy is a deeply powerful healing method that works with the subconscious mind which is directly connected to our nervous system and capacity for emotional regulation.

This is because between the age of 0-7 we develop our basic motor & communication skills (like walking & talking) and we also develop self worth, our sense of belonging, we learn how people show and receive love which all have a massive impact on our nervous system and ability for emotional regulation.
I call this our computer software for operating in life. It's all the things we do, feel and say that we don't think about but are automated.

Unfortunately childhood is also the time when poor behavioural, emotional and psychological patterns can develop such as low self worth, dysfunctional family patterns and ultimately nervous system regulation issues will arise.

Distressing events that aren't dealt with, can also linger in the subconscious mind as unwanted mental, emotional and physical symptoms which are known as trauma.

These traumatic events (no matter how big or small) often create subconscious behavioural or emotional patterns to protect us from what has previously harmed us.

RTT Hypnotherapy is perfect for resolving these issues because it gets to the root cause of the issue by accessing the subconscious parts of the mind that created the issue and then reframing them. 

By using various psychotherapy tools and techniques within hypnosis we can create the freedom you deeply deserve. 

Hypnotherapy Services

Perhaps you are experiencing some of the following:

  • anxiety

  • insecurity 'not feeling good enough'

  • confidence

  • self worth and self love

  • easily triggered

  • anger issues or angry outbursts

  • depression

  • relationship issues

  • fears (phobias)

  • stress

  • overwhelm or lack of clarity

  • addictions / addictive behaviour

  • smoking, vaping, marijuana addiction

  • sleep issues (insomnia)

  • low confidence and self esteem

  • money mindset

  • digestive issues (stress related)

  • poor behavioural or emotional patterns (outbursts, fight ot flight)

  • nervous system regulation

  • mood swings

  • can't stop thinking (racing/looping thoughts)

  • brain fog

  • feeling exhausted or burnt out

  • difficulty with making decisions

  • nail biting

  • bed wetting

  • overeating & disordered eating

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RTT Hypnotherapy explained


"Working with Athena has been a game changer for me."

Image by Matthew Hamilton

"Before our session, I struggled a lot with a lack of sense of self-worth and had a feeling of not being “good enough”, and these general negative ideas I’d had since childhood made their way into almost all aspects of my life. I would question myself constantly and always played small. 

After one session with Athena (and listening to my beautiful recording each day), I suddenly realised I wasn’t questioning my worth or my abilities anymore. It was such an immense shift, and a quick one, but it somehow also came on so subtly: I’d had a business idea and one day I just realised that while I’d usually “think” myself out of it, (“Oh no, I can’t do that, who am I to think I could do that?”), this time, those ideas just did not come up.


I had no self doubt — whether or not this idea pans out in the long run, the voice giving me reasons it would fail and telling me not to try in the first place was silent, for the first time in my life!


After that, I realised that I was no longer questioning my value in areas in my life; since working with Athena, I’ve come to really believe in and value myself."

Alice, Sydney AUSTRALIA

What issues can RTT help you with?









Above are my areas of specialisation but I work with many other issues including trauma release, addictions, fears & children.
See the link below for a free discussion about your situation.
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Meet Athena

As a marketing executive, living in Copenhagen, Denmark, I had been searching for a solution to the depression and anxiety I had been experiencing since having my son. After trialling numerous styles of counselling, mindfulness techniques, psychotherapy and other therapies, I wasn't finding resolve for my issues. After 3 years struggling, I suddenly met 2 different women within a short time who were both practicing a revolutionary new type of hypnotherapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which integrated various psychotherapy techniques with hypnotherapy.


I soon realised, I had finally found the inner peace and confidence I had been searching for. Feeling immensely better after the first month, I was able to regain control over my emotions and my life and soon returned home to Australia. In 2019, I decided to qualify as an RTT therapist training live in person with Marisa Peer, the RTT founder and her brilliant team in Melbourne.

I'm now pleased to say, that I have the most fulfilling and rewarding life and career as a result of RTT. I witness life-changing, soulful and empowering transformations each day in my practice

"My gift is that I see the true calling and potential within each of my clients, and by reminding them of their strengths, passions and talents, I assist them to step into a more vivid, creative and fulfilling life.

I have diverse cultural understanding, varied life skills, business knowledge and a unique therapeutic skillset to clear your emotional and mental blocks and then teach you how to control your mind and thoughts so that you can create the life you want." Athena

What Clients Say...

Confidence & Anxiety

Working with Athena has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental and emotional well being.

Athena expertly guided me through the transformational process and I began feeling the benefits of the work we did together immediately and have kept on improving as time goes on.

My self confidence has increased significantly and I’ve started feeling that I am truly ‘enough’. I am feeling calmer and more relaxed than I can ever remember feeling in my life. My close friends and family have noticed positive changes too and now they want to work with Athena as well! Thank you!

Robert, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Anxiety & PTSD

"Working with Athena has highly and positively impacted my life - my mental, emotional, and spiritual health - in so many ways. I feel overall more at ease and in the flow of my life, and like I can breathe easier and easier every day since our session. I am incredibly thankful for the service she offers and the sense of safety, security, and comfort she provides. She is a strong and sensitive soul whose compassion and insight will aid in lifting you to the next level of awareness in your being. Thank you so much for all you have gifted me with, Athena!"

Amelia, California USA


Athena is a very skilled therapist; she facilitates sessions with ease and grace, creating a safe and supportive environment that leads you to clarity and understanding of an issue. I felt I had some understanding of what was going on for me, but her session blew the lid off. Now I have a real understanding, I understand what needs to change. The recording is cherry on the cake and is proving fundamental in changing my behaviour and getting the results I really want. 

I would recommend Athena without hesitation for therapeutic endeavours and issues. She is a generous and highly intuitive therapist. 


What makes it so effective?

RTT Therapy allows us to dig deep into the subconscious mind to find WHERE your limiting beliefs, resolve anxiety, depression, addictions, fears, health issues and traumas came from so that you can ADDRESS and RESOLVE them.

   ✔️  No lengthy talk therapy.
   ✔️  Understanding and release of your issues.
   ✔️  Fast, effective results in 1- 3 months. 
   ✔️  Understand positive mindset tools
Coaching ensures that your results are lasting by getting the support and understanding of the mind so that your results are sustained and maintained.

Re-code your mind with empowering new programs so that you can come back to being your most wonderful, optimal being.

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One month on, I feel like things in my life are shifting in big ways - people who are usually confusing/difficult, are suddenly being easier to connect with now, without "trying" to change anyone, or do anything different!
Caroline, Sydney AUSTRALIA

28 Day Transformational Hypno-coaching Program

Transform and release your major issue within the 28 day program which includes:

  • Day 1: 60 min. coaching call to define your issue, understand your blocks and devise a strategy.

  • Day 3-7: 2-3 hr deep dive RTT hypnotherapy where we address, remove and transform your mindset around your issue.

  • Following the hypnotherapy session you receive a personalised custom hypnosis recording to listen to for 28 days and keep forever! This will integrate your mind rewiring and manifestation goals going forward.

  • 28 days of email and message support. 

  • Day 21-28: 45-60 min. progress tracking and next steps coaching call.

The RTT Hypnotherapy sessions are currently being held at my Wentworth Falls, Sydney clinic and online.

The quality of the therapy is the same online and in person.

Deep trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions and weight-loss issues require 2-3 sessions to transform.

A discount is available for upfront payment of multiple sessions. Payment plans are possible. If you are experiencing domestic violence, financial challenges or have indigenous background, discounts are available upon request. 

Transformational Investment: $687

(Payment plans available)

The process

  • Progress tracking

  • Review of wins

  • Next steps strategies

  • Your past

  • Clarity on you and your issue

  • Strategy for hypnosis





More client testimonials...

Anxiety & Confidence

Before RTT I was overwhelmed with anxiety that affected every aspect of my life. The physical symptoms alone were sometimes debilitating. After working with Athena those symptoms have pretty much subsided. Athena's kind, gentle, sincere approach throughout the process left me feeling safe even amongst some real vulnerability. I am loved and worthy! The list goes on. Please don't wait another Athena! You are worth it!

Denise, Cologne CANADA

Anxiety & PTSD

Working with Athena has been such a wonderful experience. It has opened my eyes to the root issues I didn't see before and transformed the way I see and speak to myself. I am practising self affirming actions and words every day now and it feels like a weight has been lifted. Athena's ability to hold space for others is incredible. I feel very grateful to have found her!

Elle, Brisbane AUSTRALIA

Sleep Issues

I would wake up too early filled with anxiety and fear and unable to go back to sleep.  Following our session however, I immediately noticed that my sleep improved. I sleep more easily, deeply and longer, waking up truly refreshed. I highly recommend RTT with this brilliant therapist. Thank you Athena"

Linda, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Spiral Stairs



Daily meditation has been scientifically proven to maintain strong neural pathways for 

  • Positive thought patterns

  • Improved emotional resilience 

  • Physical health benefits

  • Stress reduction

  • Mental clarity

  • Focused on goals

I've studied various techniques and modalities and practiced regularly for the last 10 years. 


I would love to share my tips and advice on the most effective practices for you.

Click Like on my Facebook page and sign up to the group to keep in the loop and join our weekly practices.

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