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10 fun things about me.

I'm normally a pretty private person but here goes.

1. I love dancing more than a lot of things and people. To me, it's both the best form of escapism and meditation.

2. I actually am enjoying the lockdown. It's been a great way to stop, regroup and connect with my family in a more intimate way.

3. I have quite a few skills up my sleeve. I've actually got qualifications in pattern making for clothes. I adore sewing and making things with my hands. Also, Fashion.

4. My favourite colour is rainbow.

5. If I can't get focused within my meditation, I know it's time to move my body. Exercise is paramount to physical and mental health. Don't expect to be fit in the mind, if you aren't taking care of your body.

6. I live for the water. I once heard of a guy who had this thing where he had to submerge himself in water every day. Whether it was a bath, a pool, an ocean or a river. Every day. I felt like he might be my spirit animal.

7. Things that make me happy. My family and beautiful goddess girlfriends. Pure Cacao liquified from Guatemala. Travelling. Meeting new people. Textiles. Dancing. Laughing. Good food. Movement. Ok - I've said most of these above.

8. Sometimes when I listen deeply to what other people are saying, I can predict word for word what they are about to say, even if they can't find the words themselves, for what they want to say.

Some call it telepathy, others clairaudience, I like to call it tuning in.

9. I love writing and the power of words. My father always said 'the pen is mightier than the sword' and I think it is true. I make a habit of writing regularly whether it's free flow or structured. I'm aiming to publish a book or 2 within this lifetime.

10. I'm a mum to a 6 year old who was born in Denmark. He is my biggest and most devoted creative project. I'm incredibly proud of my trilingual little human. I also live with wonderfully clever partner, who's 3rd language is English. Living in a trilingual household has taught me a lot about the power of communication. I love my little family and the fact that our extended family is spread all over the world is an amazing thought. We live in such a special time that technology makes it easy to feel close and connected.


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