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"Know Thyself", Socrates

My journey in life so far has taken me through many experiences wonderful and terrible, emotions rich and poor, places grandiose and also just plain gross. I've enjoyed life in the corporate world and also been a nomad. I've travelled to over 30 different countries and spent long amounts of time speaking to people of all colours, cultures, languages, financial capacities and political persuasions. I've experienced both wealth and poverty at times in my life and found my way through all those times in various states of mind. 

I feel my life experiences have allowed me to experience humanity in ways that many have not had the privilege to. Through my experiences and meetings of people I understand that at the core of people's pains and traumas are experiences that should not have happened and our body and minds have now done their best to stop that from ever happening again. 

I've been on my own journey through depression and managed to pull myself out. I did this in a very inefficient manner and at the expense of damaging my career in the corporate world, damaging relationships and my self esteem in the process. But I did somehow learn a great deal about what and not to do. I  crawled out of my hole experimenting with various therapies, meditation and I did sit with myself for many hours, days, weeks and years trying to figure out how to get 'unstuck'.

Your trajectory doesn't have to be the same. I've done the hard work and found a therapy that REALLY works. It is my absolute pleasure to guide my clients using this therapy with others because I know it works and I know the freedom that it can provide you.

If you are curious to learn more then get in touch. I'd love to help you too.



My experience with RTT Hypnotherapy

At the age of 32, I had fulfilled my dreams of becoming a fashion entrepreneur, had enjoyed a fast paced life in my twenties with a successful career in advertising and was now living with my partner in Scandinavia with our toddler.

But I was deeply depressed.
I had tried a whole host of therapies including counselling with a psychologist for many months, body/mind therapies, traditional hypnotherapy but rehashing my lonely and desperate situation week after week was drilling me deeper into my desolate hole. I just didn't know how to get out of this painful rut I was in.

After a few sad years, in 2018 I suddenly met 2 people who had studied and completed their RTT training with Marisa Peer's breakthrough Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

It became enticing to hear that one of my new friends explained had liberated herself from depression, as well as now being free from the suicidal thoughts she had battled since her youth. 

I tried it. Within a few short months, whilst also integrating daily meditation, I felt strong, positive and ready to make the move back to Australia where I knew the support of my family and friends would allow me to feel more supported in my journey. 

I saw that my own 'trapped' beliefs had been something deep wired within me from my own early childhood. Through RTT I was able to see how I had emulated my mother's patterns which were not mine to recreate. 

I can now say that I am not perfect, I have faults, flaws and often shed tears (sometimes even with my clients), but in these uncertain times, I have a deep power of knowing that all will be well within me. This inner strength and calm assists me to navigate through issues with my clients and also empathise deeply with each and every one of them. 

I adore what I do, because it provides people the freedom to see their own blocks, to bring light where there has been darkness and to reprogram themselves for the better.
If you are ready to create positive change within your estate (your life) and live at a fuller capacity of your beautiful being then book in a call with me. I'd love to discuss your situation or issue and how it can be transformed with RTT Therapy.

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