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  • How does Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnotherapy work?
    We first identify an area that you would like to work on. This could be an emotional issue, a behavioural issue such as an addiction, it could be an area of your life that you feel limited in such as money blocks or self sabotage or it could be a physical issue such as chronic pain, skin issues or unexplained physical symptoms. Once we are clear on the area we are addressing, we have a 30-50 minute discussion like a counselling or coaching session to explore how it affects you, where it may have come from and what results you would like to see. This session is typically on the phone or via a zoom or skype depending on your preference. Then we book in our intensive hypnotherapy session which will involve you either in person in my clinic or you at home via zoom/skype. We book in 2-3 hours to take you into hypnosis, explore where and how you aquired the limiting beliefs which are causing your issue. Then whilst in a hypnotic state we are able to address and remove these beliefs and finally imprint and recode using neuroplasticity techniques, new beliefs. In order to ensure these new beliefs stick, as part of the therapy, you will listen to a personalised hypnosis recording every day following for 21-28 days to ensure the old limiting thought patterns are re-wired.
  • Does RTT hypnotherapy work?
    Yes. RTT hypnotherapy works very well to clear emotional and even physical issues that are based in subconscious mental issues. It's a lot more effective and efficient than other methods of hypnotherapy. You can see my own and Marisa Peer's own testimonials to hear about others who have experienced beneficial results. It works to treat and address a whole host of issues which are both physical, mental and emotional. If you'd like to discuss whether RTT could work for your particular issue then please get in touch and we can have a private and free of charge discussion together.
  • Will I be alseep during RTT therapy?
    No. You will not be asleep - you will be quite alert and able to talk with me. You will be somewhere between a waking and sleep state which we call the alpha brain wave state. You will be able to answer questions, remember everything that happens and are in control at all stages. If you ever feel uncomfortable through the session, you are able to let me know and we can address it. Most people enjoy the sensation of hypnosis and feel as though they are daydreaming or in a meditative state which is quite pleasant. From time to time, clients do fall asleep at the final part of the session - however this is rare. If this happens there is no issue, I will simply wake you up.
  • Will I be under your power during a RTT session?
    No - not at all. You will be in control and able to alert me if anything is bothering you. You are always in charge and you should also be able to remember the process.
  • How will I feel during and after the RTT session?
    The experience of RTT hypnotherapy is unique for each and every person. Some people feel a little nervous to begin with but there is nothing to feel nervous about. Sometimes the prospect of change makes us feel a little nervous and that can also make us feel uneasy. To be in hypnosis it is simply relaxed state. If you have tried meditation it can feel similiar to that. You are accessing Alpha brainwave states that enables neuroplasticity. There is nothing unpleasant about the process of being hypnotised. We will revisit some times in your life. Sometimes, if they have been unpleasant you will remember the emotions which those experiences created. It is important to revisit them for the process of the therapy and to be able to RELEASE them. From this perspective, we are viewing these memories from our present timeframe so they will not be 'reliving them'. Some report that following the session they feel totally light as though a weight has been lifted off them. Others report that they feel tired. It's great to drink lots of water and allow some rest if that is what you feel like. For others it can be unsettling for a few days and then once the experience has been processed emotionally and rationally, you may feel lighter and more clear. Sometimes people won't see any huge difference immediately, but after a few months they may realise that a huge and gradual change has taken place. This was how I initially responded. Everyone is different and reacts differently in their own individual situation. If you have any concerns please get in touch. I'm available during business hours (Australia) for support.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    For many issues, one session will be sufficient to experience the results that you are seeking. However, if you are searching for deep transformation, it is recommended that 2-3 sessions would be helpful as there are often layered issues which should be addressed individually. Issues such as PTSD, depression, eating disorders and weightloss are all recommended to take at least 2-3 sessions for the most effective results because there are often many emotional layers to these issues.
  • Does is work the same online as in person?
    Yes. As long as I can see you and you are in a safe and relaxed place where you won't be disturbed then we are able to do a perfect session, just as we would do if we were face-to-face. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and other limitations, most of my sessions are held online. Some clients have even reported enjoying the fact that they were relaxed in their own home and their own space as they were able to drift into a relaxed state easier. It is also nice to be able to take a nap or rest and not have to 'go anywhere or do anything' following the session as it enables them to reflect, journal and feel the results of the session at a deeper level.
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