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Find freedom, confidence, inner peace, success & wealth with Athena Maroulis

Signature Program

RTT Hypnosis & Coaching 
30 Day Freedom Program

Transform and release your primary issue within the 30 day program which includes:

  • Day 1: 60 min. coaching call to define your issue, understand your blocks and devise a strategy.

  • Day 3-7: 2-3 hr deep dive RTT hypnotherapy where we address, remove and transform your mindset around your issue.

  • Following the hypnotherapy session you receive a personalised custom hypnosis recording to listen to for 28 days and keep forever! This will integrate your mind rewiring and manifestation goals going forward.

  • 30 days of email and message support. 

  • Day 21-30: 45-60 min. progress tracking and next steps coaching call.

The RTT Hypnotherapy sessions are currently being held at my Wentworth Falls, Sydney clinic and online.

The quality of the therapy is the same online and in person.

PTSD, severe trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions and weight-loss issues may require 2-3 sessions to transform. Once you book an introduction call, you can be advised on this. 

A discount is available for upfront payment of multiple sessions. Payment plans are possible. If you are experiencing domestic violence, financial challenges or have indigenous background, discounts are available upon request. 

Investment: $687

(Payment plans available)

Conversational Hypnosis Coaching

Explore your issue in a deep dive 2-3 hour coaching discussion to find resolve for your issue and release blockages to your problem. 
This is a breakthrough, new technique that won't feel like traditional hypnosis but allows you to explore the depths of your issue from a place of deep contemplation which accesses subconscious states rendering it highly effective.

Investment: $487

Coaching & Issue Support

A 1.5 hour session to explore one issue or area of your life that you're currently experiencing challenges with the aim to receive support, create clarity around the issue through strategic questioning and lastly formulate your personal action plan forward. 

Investment: $187
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Introduction Coaching Call

Call Athena for a free 20 minute introduction call to assess your issue, discuss what you're addressing and receive free guidance around the issue. 

Investment: FREE

Our Clients Say


I recently had my first session and I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough.

Athena was extraordinary in her caring approach, intuitive insights and extreme professionalism. She has been personally trained by Marisa Peer, the founder of RTT.

For many years I have tried different therapies to help me tackle deep seated abandonment, anxiety and sleep issues. Athena was caring, sensitive and thorough. No stone was left unturned. I was surprised at some of the revelations. The method of hypnosis was gentle but powerful. 

Great care was shown before, during and after the session. It’s now been two weeks and I have already felt notably less anxiety and more confidence in my personal and work life.

Also, lack of sleep was a huge issue, affecting all areas of my life. I would wake up too early filled with anxiety and fear and unable to go back to sleep. Following our session however, I immediately noticed that my sleep patterns have markedly improved. I sleep more easily, deeply and longer, waking up truly refreshed.

I have also noted a huge shift in my fear of being alone. I am no longer haunted by this feeling of isolation and my feelings of anxiety have noticeably reduced. I highly recommend RTT with this brilliant therapist.

Thank you Athena.

Linda A, Designer, Sydney

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